The Diplomatic Academy maintains cooperation in the field of diplomatic education on the basis of memorandums of understanding and cooperation signed with partner institutions from the following countries: Angola, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, Venezuela, Guatemala, Greece, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Armenia, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Libya, Hungary, Maldives, Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Germany, Oman, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Republic of Srpska, Romania, Russian Federation, São Tomé and Príncipe, North Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Suriname, Tunisia, Türkiye, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Uruguay, France, Honduras, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Chile.

The Diplomatic Academy also carries out intensive cooperation in the field of diplomatic training with Austria (Diplomatic Academy Vienna), Belgium, Bulgaria (Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute), Poland (Enlargement Academy), Singapore, the Netherlands (Clingendael Institute), Croatia (Diplomatic Academy), as well as and other partners: Diplo Foundation, Hanns Seidel Stiftung, LOrganisation internationale de la Francophonie, Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.