Luckenwalde: Memorial service for the Serbs killed in World War II

25. Jun 2022.
At the cemetery on the site of the former World War II camp for prisoners Stalag III A, in the town of Luckenwalde, priests of the Serbian Orthodox Church from Berlin held a Vidovdan memorial service.

Representatives of the city of Luckenwalde, believers of the Serbian Orthodox Church, as well as representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Berlin First Counsellor Ivo Vojvodić and Defence Attaché Colonel Nenad Milojević attended the memorial service and laid a laurel wreath on the collective monument erected to all the victims died in the camp during the war, among which are the remains of 60 Serbs, soldiers of the Yugoslav Army.

First Counsellor Vojvodić thanked the hosts for taking care of the cemetery and the memorial complex and pointed out that even that day, after several decades, the memory of the compatriots who had died in a cruel war was preserved with deep reverence. It does not only represent nurturing the culture of remembering the victims, but also a warning about the suffering that war brings, as well as that the fight for peace is priceless.

A speech by mayor of Luckenwalde Elisabeth Herzog-von der Heide, who was not able to attend this year, was read to the audience.