First DPM and FM Dačić with the Head of the Delegation and the Ambassador of EU to Serbia

10. Nov 2022.
First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dačić met today with the Head of the Delegation and the Ambassador of EU to Serbia Emanuele Giaufret.

At the beginning of the meeting Ambassador Giaufret congratulated the First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs on his new post.

Minister Dačić commended the cooperation between Serbia and the EU Delegation in Belgrade and expressed hope that it will continue in the same spirit in the future. Minister Dačić emphasised that the EU membership remains a priority for the Republic of Serbia and a strategic commitment. Both sides expressed readiness to take further steps in the reform process, as well as to continue the political dialogue between Serbia and the EU.

The head of Serbian diplomacy reiterated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is ready and open for cooperation on all matters of mutual interest, with the support and coordination with the Ministry for European Integration of Serbia.

He conveyed that Serbia is ready to continue activities on prevention of illegal migration, and to continue harmonization with the EU visa policy.

The head of Serbian diplomacy expressed gratitude for the EU support in the region, which is of invaluable importance for the implementation of reforms on the European path, as well as gratitude for the announced direct aid to Serbia in the amount of 165 million euros aimed to overcome the energy crisis.

Ambassador Giaufret confirmed the EU's commitment to the Serbia’s ambition to become a member of the European Union. “Harmonization of foreign policy, including restrictive measures, is of particular importance in the context of Russian aggression against Ukraine. We want to count on Serbia as a partner that is fully engaged in the defence of peace on the continent and common security and prosperity,” Ambassador Giaufret pointed out. He also encouraged Serbia to continue working actively on regional cooperation and good neighbourly relations, including solving open bilateral issues with its neighbours. He also highlighted Serbia's constructive role in migration management and welcomed Serbia's decision to harmonize its visa regime with the EU for countries that represent a security risk for the Union or a risk of irregular migration. He thanked Serbia for a significant contribution to the EU military missions around the world.

Bearing in mind the importance of the partnership between Serbia and the EU, he suggested intensifying the promotion of positive and mutually beneficial projects and activities in the public and media.

When it comes to the situation in the southern Serbian province, the two officials agreed that all efforts should be focused on continuing the dialogue, since that is the only right way to solve open issues and reach sustainable agreements.