Minister Selaković attended ceremonial inauguration of President of Angola

15. Sep 2022.
As a special envoy of the President of Serbia, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Selaković attended the inauguration of the João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço today and, on the sidelines of the ceremony, had an opportunity to meet with officials of several African countries.

Minister Selaković stated that he was honoured to be at the ceremonial inauguration of the re-elected President João Lourenço, a proven friend of Serbia who confirmed his commitment to our country by supporting cooperation between the two ministries.

Minister Selaković conveyed to the President João Lourenço the personal congratulations and greetings of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and his wishes for the success and well-being of Angola.

As Minister Selaković said, that event brought together a large number of high-ranking officials from African countries and afforded an opportunity to affirm Serbia's commitment to the development, during the bilateral meetings, comprehensive cooperation with our traditional friends from the African continent.

"This was yet another opportunity to see that the world recognized Serbia nowadays as a role model of recovery and an example of  a country that could solve the problems that seemed unsolvable with its own strength and wise leadership, owing precisely to the serious government  and earnestly implemented reforms,"  Minister Selaković pointed out.

According to him, it was always an honour to represent Serbia, but an additional reason to be proud was when one represented a country that was recognized as the one that did not give up the fight for a better tomorrow and that was ready to share every good it had with its friends.

Minister Selaković stressed that many of the countries whose leaders he met in Luanda had students in Belgrade, as part of the World in Serbia program and that Serbia would host almost 350 new scholarship holders next year, mostly from the African countries that were traditionally oriented towards cooperation with Serbia and supported Serbian struggle for Kosovo and Metohija.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Minister Selaković held a number of bilateral meetings, among others with the President of Guinea-Bissau, the President of Namibia, the newly elected President of Zimbabwe, the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Gabon and the Minister of Defence of Mozambique. Minister Selaković also conveyed the greetings of the President of Serbia and his wish to host many of the present statesmen in Belgrade, as soon as possible.