Suspended Twitter accounts of the diplomatic-consular representation offices of Serbia

22. Aug 2022.
The Twitter accounts of the embassies of the Republic of Serbia in Armenia, Iran, Indonesia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Kuwait, as well as the Consulate General in Chicago, were suspended on 18August 2022, without any explanation or previous message indicating possible violations of the rules of communication on that social network.

Without meddling with the business policy of the "Twitter" company, we would like to emphasise that it is inadmissible for the diplomatic representation offices of a democratic state that is not exposed to any sanctions to be censored in this manner, especially if you take into account that some of the abovementioned accounts were recently set up and were not active, and the rest did not contain any content that could be described as inappropriate.

The Republic of Serbia is a country the strategic commitment of which is membership in the European Union, and we are harmonising our political and democratic standards, including media freedom, with the highest European standards. For this reason, it is absurd to have a number of our diplomatic and consular representation offices censored on a social network that boasts of promoting democracy and pluralism of opinion.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia addressed the "Twitter" company with the request that the accounts of our diplomatic and consular representation offices be unblocked.

We remind you that the Twitter account of Arnaud Guyon, director of the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region, was blocked last week without any explanation, and that it was unblocked in the meantime.

We hope that the blocking of the Twitter accounts of our diplomatic and consular representation offices is not an attempt to prevent and silence Serbia in the fight for the truth, primarily about the situation in Kosovo and Metohija.