Selaković: President Vučić will probably address the nation on 8 October

28. Sep 2022.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Selaković stated that President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić would probably address the nation on 8 October, after important meetings which he was to have in the upcoming period, where he would speak about the future political direction and the formation of a new Government of Serbia.

In his appearance on Happy TV, Minister Selaković said that President Vučić would be in Bulgaria on 1 October, at a meeting with Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, and that he would next meet with Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

“As soon as 3 October, President Vučić is to meet Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán and Chancellor of Austria Karl Nehammer in Budapest. Subsequently, on 5 October, the so-called Kosovo will try to initiate the procedure of its admission to the Council of Europe, which we have been fiercely fighting against”, said Minister Selaković, adding that President Vučić would attend the first summit meeting of the European Political Community in Prague.

Source: TV Happy

Minister Selaković emphasised that he did not have any doubts that Serbia would be facing pressures in Prague and would receive messages that it had to change its foreign policy and its position, even though no one had been able to answer the question asked by President Vučić, about why they considered the territorial integrity of Ukraine more valuable than the territorial integrity of Serbia.

According to Minister Selaković, President Vučić will, after returning from Prague, attend the opening of the new factory of MTU, German company which repairs engines of Airbus airplanes, in which 107 million EUR had been invested.

“I expect President Vučić to address the nation as soon as on 8 October and talk to talk about the political situation”, said Minister Selaković.

Asked about the signing of the Consultation Plan of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and Russia, Minister Selaković stated that it was a two-year consultation plan, and a paper with no legal importance, something that Serbia had signed with many countries.

In his words, it is a kind of a schedule of meetings on the topic of bilateral relations and multilateral cooperation, which is important due to the fact that Russia is a member of the UN Security Council and that it defends Serbia’s interests as regards Kosovo and Metohija.

“This is not some kind of a political conspiracy or an act with a bad intention, and this response to it is a clear attempt to police Serbia’s actions, to find some reason to attack Serbia’s foreign policy position, which is a principled one, and is a challenge to others. We have a good reason to lead this kind of a policy, a reason rooted in the past and the political facts as regards our specific position in the matter of Kosovo and Metohija, first and foremost”, said Minister Selaković, referring to the negative comments about the signing of the Consultation Plan of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and Russia.

He emphasised that the speech by President Vučić at the 77th session of the General Assembly was a perfect articulation of his and Serbia’s policy, which is very clear, reasonable and supported by solid arguments.

“Serbia has not changed its principled position. We have not imposed the sanctions because of our rational approach to this issue. In terms of observing the principle of inviolability of borders, which includes the matter of Ukraine, our position is clear and unambiguous and has not changed. If Serbia were to change its position, it would be shooting itself in the foot, spitting in its own face. How would we then defend our position that Kosovo and Metohija should remain a part of Serbia? We would be spitting on Resolution 1244, which is out strongest argument in our fight for Kosovo and Metohija”, stressed Minister Selaković.

Asked about any possible attempts to remove Russia from the UN Security Council, Minister Selaković stated that this idea certainly existed, as evidenced by the fact that a number of diplomatic agents were talking about it.

“President Vučić spoke about this over six months ago, and some laughed at it, but today you can hear major world leaders talk about it. We are too small country to have any impact on this matter, but for us, it is essential that Russia stays in the UN Security Council,” said Minister Selaković. He stated that Russia’s removal would be a disaster for Serbia and that he hoped it would not happen.

In his words, the delegation of Serbia had an exceptionally busy agenda the previous week, which was the most active week in terms of diplomacy during the session of the UN General Assembly.

“The last week of September is always one of the most active ones for the world’s diplomacy, and this time that includes Serbia’s diplomacy. Our delegation had a great number of meetings and affirmed our foreign policy and our interests in the best possible manner”, emphasised Minister Selaković.